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Wedding Opening Sample

In this sample clip, our wedding videographers took footage of the bridal party entering the ceremony to the bride proceeding down the aisle. This wedding videographers' sample also demonstrates one of our editing effect options known as our Dramatic Bridal Entrance Effect that you can include in your wedding video. This effect basically makes the entrance of the bride more dramatic in which we slow down the footage and synchronize it to the music. Notice how everything is timed perfectly as the musicís tempo increases so does the rhythm of how the video is cut. Then, as the song reaches its crescendo we see the camera pan over to the churchís entrance where we find the bride entering the ceremony. During the peak or the push of the song we also see everyone standing as the bride proceeds down the aisle and everything is slowed down to give a more dramatic effect. The reason why we offer this editing option is because we feel it help accentuate the feelings, emotions, and reactions of this particular moment which sometimes can get lost if the scene is just shown in its original footage.
Sample Video

Wedding First Dance Sample
This is a scene from the Graham's wedding where they dance together for the first time as husband and wife.

Wedding Trailer
See the trailer of what your own customized wedding video could look like as we are right there to capture every important moment of your very special day.

Wedding Opening Sample
This clip is a scene of the bride's entrance.

Love Story
This is a sample of our Love Biography story.
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